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About Us

Sharing our Love for Food and Culture

The Diversity (formerly known as Khmer Angkor) has been nestled in the Christchurch area since 2020. This cozy establishment highlights our passion for market-fresh ingredients, honest cooking, and an enjoyable atmosphere. Our menu features a selection of dishes, all made in-house by our team of talented chefs.

With some of the most delicious combinations of ingredients, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Loved by locals and traveling foodies alike, now is the perfect time for you to join us today at The Diversity.

About: About Us
Our Story

Our two heroes. This all started with our father Saroeun Seng and Mother Kim-Hong Seng. After migrating to New Zealand in July 1992 fleeing from the genocide in Cambodia (Khmer), we marked Christchurch as our 'Heaven on Earth!' - this is what mum calls it.

Now living in a different climate and with very little resources to our homeland food, we did not have the privilege to go out and indulge in our cuisine that we were used to. We had little money so Dad started his vegetable garden and mum sourced these back into our daily meals and preserved those that we could that were extras for when they were off season for growing. This was a part of our new lifestyle in Christchurch.

Dad continued with his greenhouse planting Asian herbs and veggies, which we end up using in our restaurant meals. Mum was an exceptional cook, she must have inherited it from our grandmother (who was the village caterer for a very small village called Ka'Som Ork in Kampot Province).

She was very well-known and famous for her Cambodian Red Curry! 

Mum’s dream job when asked was, 'I love cooking, I just want to cook!'. She pursued her dreams when she finally worked in her first Cambodian Kitchen and the only Cambodian Noodle House in Christchurch at the time. It was on Colombo Street, before being destroyed by the earthquake. I believe I got this passion from her!

We finally owned our first bakery and noodle house, opposite Funky Pumpkin in Sydenham. But after three years, we sold our businesses due to family issues.


After some time, we decided to start again and operate in the restaurant business in Kaiapoi and named the restaurant Khmer Angkor. For three years, serving authentic Cambodian cuisine.


This journey lead us to the City Centre and relocate our restaurant at Hoyts Entx. Once again, we had to move from one end to another within the complex after 1.5 years of operation during Covid times, for a redevelopment structure. 

Situations changed, time have evolved and challenged us more, the world is becoming more diverse in both culture and food. 

As food has always been a major part of our family while growing up and the appreciation and unity to bring all dear families and friends to our dinner table, we now aim to bring "The Diversity" to your tables. Our aim is to serve our community with Authentic Asian Dishes together with a warm welcoming of pure shared love in our food!

Let this be the beginning of the everlasting Diversities.





Owner/Executive Chef



Head Chef

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